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Schumacher Intelligent Speed Charge Battery Charger 2Amp 6/12V £77.94 £47.94 inc VAT
Compressor 50L Belt Drive 3hp with Front Control Panel £875.94 £683.94 inc VAT

ElectroStart® Batteryless Power Start 1000/1600A 12/24V

Available within 1-2 days

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• Innovative technology with no internal battery so no need to wait hours for the unit to charge before use. • Simple and safe to use with no long term battery storage issues. • Can be fully energised in a matter of minutes. • If the vehicle battery is faulty or is holding less than 5 volts the ElectroStart1224 can be pre-charged via another vehicle’s 12 or 24V battery and be capable of starting a 24V vehicle even when charged via a 12V battery. • Compact and lightweight for easy handling and storage, yet still delivers the same result as heavy, bulky, lead acid battery equivalents. • Ideal for the professional mechanic and DIY users. • Supplied in a tough storage case.

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