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Safe T Key – Standard – SK700 (700mm)

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Safe T Key:


The Safe T Key locking manhole lifter has been designed for utility professionals who regularly lift large, heavy, single and two piece inspection covers.

Lifting these covers with ordinary keys can be difficult and dangerous as the keys are free to rotate in the lifting hole which can lead to the cover either dropping into the chamber or onto a foot.

Dedicated lifting rigs are available however they take up space, are heavy and can require assembly which is awkward and time consuming, especially if you need to lift multiple covers per day or the inspection chamber is in an unusual location.

The Safe T Key is as simple to use as a standard lifting key but has a unique locking and release mechanism which is easily operated with one hand even while wearing gloves. It secures the tool in place preventing it from rotating, so the cover cannot be accidentally dropped.

Having the lifter locked in place also makes replacing covers much easier as they can be maneuvered back into position more accurately and safely.


Key features: –


  • All stainless-steel construction. (Certificate of conformity can be supplied)
  • Professionally TIG and Fusion welded to BSI standards.
  • Tested to over 4000kg.
  • Simple, effective, reliable & secure locking / release mechanism.
  • One handed operation.
  • Lock / release mechanism located near handle so no need to bend down.
  • Off set handle option for single person lifting or individual preference.
  • 2 standard lengths available for users of different heights. (Custom sizes are available on request)
  • 100% sourced & manufactured in the UK.


Safe T Key SK 600 -(600mm long) and 700 – (700mm long).


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