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Schumacher Intelligent Speed Charge Battery Charger 1A 6/12V £64.74 £39.54 inc VAT
ElectroStart® Batteryless Power Start 1000/1600A 12/24V £779.94 £455.94 inc VAT

Schumacher Intelligent Speed Charge Battery Charger 2Amp 6/12V

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• Fully automatic microprocessor controlled dual voltage battery charger and maintainer with automatic voltage detection. • Patented Speed Charge technology actively monitors the charge acceptance and constantly modifies the charge output. • Charges the battery up to 3 times faster than conventional battery chargers without damaging the battery. • Heavy-duty sturdy case, no-nonsense controls, bright, clear, easy-to-read LED status lights. • Charges conventional lead acid, calcium, AGM/GEL, leisure and stop/start batteries. • Fully automatic float mode ensures that the battery is kept fully charged and ready to use, for extended periods of time. • Reverse polarity protection, thermal runaway protection and automatic shut-off are included as standard. • IP54 Rating. • 2-Year Guarantee.

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